Alpine World Cup Starts

Alpine World Cup women

Another Season Begins in Austria

The Alpine World Cup is considered by many the most relevant title for a professional alpine ski racer, as the long season hosted across several venues and countries demands discipline and numerous great performances in comparison with shorter competitions such as the Winter Olympics and the Championship that happens every other year. 

The first two parts of the season will be in Austria and Finland which means the fact that the season begins in October won’t be a problem in terms of snow.

A Season Start Without Lindsey Vonn

After many successful years and several problems with injuries, Lindsey Vonn announced earlier in the year her retirement from professional alpine skiing – although the American athlete didn’t feature at the top positions of the classification table in the last seasons, she is a legend and she will be missed.

Will Mikaela Shiffrin’ Keep Making History?

The American athlete seems to be the new Lindsey Vonn to the Americans – she is just 24 and she already lifted three season trophies in a row. She definitely seems to have the potential to win the same number of titles as the legendary Marcel Hirscher did in this decade.

Considering her age and the number of trophies she already won, it’s fair to say America can expect a lot from her and they surely hope she keeps doing that well so Lindsey Vonn will not be missed but remembered as a winner.

The End of Marcel Hirscher’s Era

The Austrian athlete finished his absolutely legendary career kind of early at the age of 30. It could have been a case of lack of motivation as his record spoke for itself as he won nothing but 20 season titles during his career, including 8 overall season titles in a row.

He announced his retirement in early September and now the world of Alpine Ski will have a different winner at the end of the upcoming season after almost a decade of Austrian rule.

Similar Situations In The Recent Seasons 

The Alpine World Cup seasons of men and ladies have had talented athletes winning several titles in a row – if you sum the titles of Mikaela Shiffrin’ and Marcel Hirscher the impressive number of 11 shows how the categories have been dominated by the same amazing Alpine Ski Racers.

The situation however will forcedly change in the men season, as Marcel decided to put an end to his career slightly early. Will Shiffrin’s domain however linger much longer? She is at a fantastic age for Alpine Skiing and the inspiration of an icon like Lindsey Vonn could take her very far.


The fans that felt kind of bored by the long-lasting rule of the Austrian legend will have a good reason to follow the season that starts In Austria in late October: there will be a new winner or at least someone that didn’t win for 8 years. 

Betting Scenario – Overall Winners of the Season

At the Men’s season, after many years of Austrian rule it’s hard to point someone as a clear favourite in terms of betting; the ladies season however will be interesting as we have a clear favourite to win her fourth title in a row – a bet on Mikaela could prove very profitable if placed very early in the season.

If you are unsure how betting on skiing works why not try our skiing betting guide to help you with some rules and tips