Dortmund vs RB Leipzig 1. Bundesliga 19/20 Betting Tips

An Eastern Club at the Top

The leaders of the Bundesliga as of the end of the 15th round are from the East! That’s quite impressive if you consider the recent past of the Bundesliga of almost total supremacy of Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund as the frequent runners up and most frequent ‘true rivals’ of the Bavarian kings of the Bundesliga.

The sponsorship deal boosting RB Leipzig seems to be playing a key role at their development, as Red Bull has proved to be very keen to help sports teams sometimes well beyond the football sphere as the world of Formula has learned during this decade that is ending in December 2019.

Red Bull’s most famous sponsorship deals with the football world were more relevant at first at their home country with RB Salzburg and then the MLS team of theirs also enjoyed some success – German football however is a much more relevant step and the fact that RB Leipzig has true chances of winning the Bundesliga consolidates the amazing strategies of this brand in the world of football. 

It is interesting however that such strategy happened in the East of Germany that is still kind of a rising economy in comparison with the established West that never suffered the issues related to the influence of the Soviet Union in the last century.

RB Leipzig – Fantastic Results

With 15 matches played they have won 10 times in the season and with 33 points and 5 victories in the last 5 games they have at least become a protagonist in the 2019/2020 Bundesliga and they have good chances of at least qualifying to the next season’s UEFA Champions League.

The team is still alive in the UCL and will face the current Runners Up of the UCL Tottenham Hotspurs in the Round of 16 that will be played in February 2020 – the team is the only German side other than the traditional duo Dortmund / FC Bayern at this stage which is another proof of their great moment.

Borussia Dortmund

After some years of ostracism, the club has been able to recover their status of a top European club with a constant presence in the later stages of the UCL as well as being the 2nd most relevant club of Germany in the decade.

The club that had Klopp as their commander during this process of returning to the elite of football hasn’t been that relevant in the last years – perhaps the peak of their recovery was the time of the all-German UCL Final in 2013 that saw FC Bayern become the kings of Europe once again.

Klopp would have to lose one more UCL final in tragic circumstances related to the infamous Karius GK before he would win the trophy with Liverpool. 

Dortmund v Leipzig

The clubs are going to face each other in a match worth the top positions of the Bundesliga. The national season of Germany had years of more intense dispute and at the moment RB Leipzig has collected only 33 of 45 possible points whilst Dortmund has just 4 points less – in the recent past we even saw FC Bayern winning the Bundesliga having won all games of the season which kind of illustrates how German footie is a bit more levelled these days.