FC Bayern: What to Expect in 2020

Winter Break: Complicated Situation 

After seven titles in a row, FC Bayern will resume their participation in the 2019/2020 Bundesliga after stopping to the winter break at a rather uncomfortable position for a reigning champion: 3rd place and 4 points below the leaders – the surprising Red Bull Leipzig. 

Reasons Behind the Bad Results 

The bad season start under former coach Niko Kovac seems to have older reasons than the Croatian Manager spell: it is very clear that FC Bayern has delayed the renewal of the squad in terms of major starts after the 2013 UEFA Champions League title; Robben and Ribery were ageing and as it happens with many clubs, to recognize the natural decadence of a star can be a hard step for fans and club directors.  

The delay to renew the squad took its toll, although Kovac can be considered partly guilty for the problems to deal with the dressing room. 

The attempts to renew the squad have also been too much focused on overly young players and the signings of James Rodríguez also proved to stumble upon cultural issues.  

Deal with Audi 

The recent news about a new sponsorship deal with Audi will boost even further the finances of FC Bayern, as the sponsor will reportedly pay 50m EUR a season to the German giants. 

Will FC Bayern start to spend money? 

Clubs under the spell of a caretaker coach hardly ever spend lots of money. FC Bayern however will have two big challenges between February and the end of the current season: trying to win yet another Bundesliga title and progressing further in the UEFA Champions League. 

The Round of 16 is a round in which big clubs may hope to draw easier adversaries, but FC Bayern will face their rivals of the 2012 UCL final: Chelsea.  

Big challenges for a club that lacks proper command as of now. 

The bet on Guardiola proved to be kind of unsuccessful: too much focus on his interaction with Spanish and other speakers of roman languages and lack of proper command typical of the FC Bayern history.  

FC Bayern wants to make a wise decision and appoint a coach that feels like a safe bet, which may not be that easy these days as the big names are all under contracts. 


The year that is starting will be quite challenge to the Bavarian kings: the first semester will likely be commanded by a caretaker coach and so far, we don’t have signs of big transfers being announced. Some interesting names have arrived in the past transfer windows, but FC Bayern is yet to bring home guys that can fill the void left by the natural decay then the departure and retirement of Ribery and Robben respectively. 

It’s hard to foresee what FC Bayern will be able to achieve as of the end of the 2019/2020 season, but history suggests that leaving the UCL in the early stages of the knock out stage may allow more focus in the domestic season, which feels like a bigger challenge than in the recent past.