How To Place Bets On Cycling?

Cycling betting guide

Do you want to start betting on cycling, but don’t know how? Our beginner’s guide to cycling betting gives you the help you need. Look around below, learn what you need to place informed bets, and you could soon reap the rewards!

Types of cycling bets

If you are new to cycling or sports betting in general, it can seem overwhelming or confusing at first, especially when considering the number of betting markets and available options. But it is precisely here that a little knowledge can make a huge difference. Start your research, learn more about cycling and the type of bets offered, and you will increase your chances of a successful conclusion.

There are a number of different cycling bets, but the most popular of them are:

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King of the mountains

Betting on the king of the mountains means betting on the cyclist who is believed to be the best climber in a particular competition. The leader in this category wears a jersey with polka dots, and the points are awarded according to the level of difficulty of the competition. The more difficult the climb, the more points are awarded.

Complete victory

Here you choose the cyclist who you think will be the overall winner of an event. In this market there is an “each-way” bet, i.e. As long as you choose a cyclist who appears in the top three or four (this varies between the different sports betting sites), you are sure of a victory.


The leader in the points competition of an event wears the green jersey, and that is the cyclist you are betting on in this market. This means that the cyclist you have chosen does not necessarily have to be the absolute winner overall stages, but must have the highest score. This can be achieved by winning challenging stages or sprints.

King of the Mountains match-up

Similar to the King of the Mountains bet, you choose one of two cyclists you think will finish the race with more points in the King of the Mountain competition.

Points match-up

Here you choose one of two cyclists who you think will come out on top with more points for the green jersey and for sprints.

The top three

Accept an each-way bet and you bet on a particular driver who finishes somewhere in the top three of an event. Alternatively, you can bet against a particular cyclist who doesn’t make the top three if you feel his shape is compromised.

Number of stage wins

Competitions such as the Tour de France are held in stages, which gives cyclists more opportunities to get away with a stage win. Here you can bet on a rider’s over or under chances – essentially, given the number of stages that bookmakers believe a particular rider will win, whether you believe the driver will drive above or below that number. The favourites get a higher number from the bookmakers, the outsiders a lower number. 

Top ten finish

Similar to the top three rankings, you bet here whether a particular rider will be in the top ten of the event. While the favourites have a better chance of winning, their odds are usually quite low. If you want to make money with this type of bet, you have to take a risk on an outsider with higher odds.

Young cyclist

The winner of the white jersey at a cycling race is usually a young cyclist under the age of 25 who completes the race in the shortest time. To bet on it, you have to choose the cyclist who you think is most likely to perform this feat at the end of the competition.

Number of finishers. Not all cyclists who start a race finish it either – so in this over/under bet you have to bet on the number of riders who you think will finish all stages of a particular competition.

Yellow jersey. The winner of a stage of a cycling competition wears the yellow jersey for the next stage. So in this market, you bet on the total number of riders in the yellow jersey who are on the leaderboard throughout the competition. Again, this is an over/under bet.

Stage competitions. Here you bet on the rider who you think is at the top of the leaderboard at a certain stage. This market will be updated after each completed stage and may choose to mix different riders and compete against each other if the competition continues.

Top betting tips

  1. Research. To give yourself the best chance of winning, you need to research as much as possible about each rider, their strengths, their records, their performances and the events in which they excel the most. With this information, you can develop a strategy and a solid foundation on which to make successful bets.
  2. Look at the stages. Don’t forget the actual stages of a particular race. Each represents an individual challenge in terms of terrain, weather, altitude and more, and each cyclist will perform a different way at each stage due to their personal strengths and weaknesses. Be sure to take this into account before you place your bets.

Betting on cycling can be very entertaining and also offer your spectators additional fun – just do your homework first. Find out about the different cyclists and upcoming events, place your bets, depending on what you can afford, and enjoy every minute of your betting!