How To Place Bets On Boxing?

Boxing betting guide

If you want to bring a little more excitement to your boxing world, why not try to bet on a fight? Whether you’re an avid boxing fan or an occasional spectator, it’s sure it will increase your adrenaline levels many times over. Of course, you first need to understand the pros and cons of boxing bets to increase your chances of winning. That’s why we’ve put together a user-friendly guide for you to look at before you start.

Betting on boxing

Before you can make informed decisions about boxing betting, you must first understand the rules of the sport. Boxing matches take place over a series of three-minute rounds, typically 12 in a professional fight. Throughout the fight, the boxers are judged by a jury, with the winner receiving 10 points for each round and the loser 9 points. Other ratings are also possible, but these are only awarded in rare cases.

A fight is decided in one of two ways – either by one boxer knocking the other out. so that he can no longer stand up before the judge counts him out, or by one boxer scoring more points than the other at the end of the fight. Additionally, if a boxer is disqualified during a fight, or the referee evaluates a boxer who is unable to continue fighting, the opponent wins.

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Types of boxing bets

If you are new to the boxing world, it is by far the best and easiest way to place a bet on the winner of the fight. Here you can bet on whether the favourite wins the fight, whether the outsider wins the fight or whether it becomes a draw. Bets on a draw or the underdog usually have high odds, while bets on the favourite have lower odds, which means your return won’t be as high. Ultimately, this leads to a 50/50 chance that you will succeed with a winning bet, as draws in boxing matches are such an unlikely event. So if you’re looking for a bet that’s more interesting than just choosing a winner, there are a few other options you can turn to instead.


In an over/under bet, you bet on how many rounds a fight will take – essentially whether it will last shorter or longer than the number of rounds predicted by the bookmaker or the sports betting site. If you think the fight will last more rounds than predicted, bet on Over. If you think the fight will take fewer rounds, bet under. If you know which boxers have good stamina and which lack stamina, you can make good money – which is why over/under bets are the second most common after winning bets.


If you are an experienced boxing fan and are sure you know your fighters, you can choose the method by which a fight is won and also the specific round. These bets are riskier, but if you know them, they can pay off.

More boxing bets

In addition to betting which boxer wins a fight, when and by what method, you can also bet on other elements of a boxing match. This includes bets on who wins a particular series and whether a fight scheduled for the future will go ahead as planned. These bets are longer-term and therefore suitable for knowledgeable boxing fans. Odds for this type of bet may vary and are not necessarily accepted by all bookmakers, so it is best to inform yourself a little before placing them.

Place your boxing bets online

So far, we have covered bets that are available from both land-based and online bookmakers. However, there are also some boxing bets that are only available on sports betting websites and that you can also watch.

These are known as in-play bets and they give you the opportunity to decide bets while a game is literally in play. So if you look at a boxing match and think a particular result is important, you can follow that instinct and place your bet online while the game is still running. The odds for betting in-game can vary greatly during a fight, which can make for exciting spectators and bets!

It is worth considering the timing of the boxing matches when you place in-play bets, especially if you choose the rest periods between rounds, any curtains on the pre-match pre-match box, and any time differences between rounds. your whereabouts and the location of the boxing match. Having a rough schedule at hand can, therefore, help you make the right in-play bet at the right time.

Start of placing your boxing bets

Now that you are more familiar with the world of boxing betting, you need to find a place where you can place your bets. It is worth noting that not all bets will be available from brick and mortar bookmakers. So if you’re looking for more unusual bets such as long-term or in-play bets, it’s best to sign up to online sports betting website so you have a full range of bets available.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll qualify for one of the many sign-up bonuses offered by most sports betting sites, such as free bets or deposit bonuses, that can help you raise your bankroll and instantly bet you. Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions associated with them before you use them, as well as any policies associated with withdrawals.

Our last tip for boxing bets – pay attention to the profiles of the boxers in all the fights you intend to bet on, especially their winning/loss records. Also, note whether they have their previous struggles by knockout. or have won by points, and look at all the fighters who have gone up or down in a weight class. All of these elements are clues as to how a boxer might perform in the next fight, so watch out, research, and you’ll be less likely to swing and shoot with your decisions!