Tennis Betting Guide

How to place bets on tennis?

Sports fans have been placing their bets on their favourite games for decades, on everything from golf, rugby and motorsports to soccer, cricket, basketball, and everything in between. Bet on a team, bet on an individual player, or bet on an outcome – the possibilities are endless. But what if you’re a tennis fan? How do you place your bets on a match, and how do you go about giving yourself the best chance of winning? Let’s take a look.  

Betting on tennis matches 

While betting on tennis matches may seem complicated, in fact, it’s wonderfully simple. Just as you would choose to bet on a player or a match in another type of sport, so too would you make the same decision when betting on tennis. If you’re new to betting on tennis, the best way to start is by choosing a specific player or a specific match to bet on, and going from there. Starting in this way will introduce you to the world of tennis betting, and give you the best possible odds of capitalising on your wager.  

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What to bear in mind when betting on tennis 

Of course, there are various factors to consider when placing your bets on tennis, due to the number of variables involved. Leaving aside the vast sum of professional tennis players currently competing on the international circuit, there are a considerable number of actual matches as well, including the four most famous tournaments, the Grand Slams. With so many people around the world placing bets on these four championships, wagers on these outcomes will generate the most revenue, thanks to the sheer volume of punters taking part. Other factors to consider include individual players’ rankings, and the odds for or against them – more elements that go into placing an informed wager.  

How to bet on the right tennis matches  

If you’re a football or rugby fan, you’ll know that there are usually specific days during the week on which matches are played. However, if you’re a tennis fan, you’ll know that due to the WTA and ATP tours that take place year-round, there’s a tennis match in play almost every day of the year. What’s more, there’s also a significant amount of data available on each of the players on tour, including their win/loss records. With this in mind, it’s to your advantage to pay close attention to player stats and the odds on all available bets for your chosen match, in order to make a considered betting decision.  

Choosing the right type of tennis wager  

When it comes to placing bets on tennis, there are a number of ways in which you can do this:  

  1. Moneyline. If you’re a baseball or hockey fan, you’ll already be familiar with this – a method that uses the odds for or against individual players. As you know, the game of tennis pits players against one another, most often in singles matches. To place a Moneyline bet, all you need to do is take the players’ specific odds into account and bet on the one you think will win the match.  
  2. Game spread. With the game spread method, you’ll be looking at the way tennis matches are scored. Most often, this will be over three sets, or in a men’s Grand Slam, five sets. When making a bet, all you need to do is choose a particular set from a match, and bet on who you think will win that set. Additionally, you’ll also be able to bet on a game spread – i.e. the points difference between the winner and the loser. Both types of betting involve wagering on a specific player, so the more you know about them, and the game of tennis in general, the more comfortable you’ll become betting, and the more you’ll increase your chances of winning at the same time.  

More tennis betting options 

Looking for more ways to bet on tennis? Try one of these three:  

  1. Futures: This involves you putting your tennis knowledge to the test, and betting on a player who you believe will win a match taking place in the future, e.g. in the upcoming weeks or months. 
  2. Live betting: If you’re familiar with the stock market, this might be the bet for you. During a tennis match, the various odds on different outcomes shift every minute – such as odds going from +400 to +800 in just a few points. You’ll then use these odds to place your bets on the game in real-time – the opposite of futures.  
  3. Props: Here you’ll be able to place a variety of different bets, such as betting on the exact final score of a match, or whether or not a set will end in a tiebreaker.  

With its simple player-against-player format, tennis is one of the easier sports on which to wager, and as such, you’ll find plenty of online sportsbooks with which to place your bets. Remember that improving your winning odds is all about practice, and knowing the game, so the more you bet, and the more you know about tennis and all its stats and data, the more likely you are to bet on a winning outcome.