How To Place Bets On Handball?

Handball betting guide

Here’s a fact about handball that might surprise you – despite it not being one of the world’s most well-known sports, it’s extremely popular amongst sports bettors. Why? It’s easy to bet on, there are a variety of betting markets to choose between, and if you know what you’re doing, you can earn a decent profit too. So if you want to get in on the action and start betting on the top national and international players, take a look at our guide below and find out everything you need to know about betting on handball. 

The basics of handball 

Handball has evolved significantly over the years, moving from what was first an outdoor sport to the indoor sport it’s since become. This transformation has allowed it to become more lively and energetic, and has increased its following amongst players and fans alike.  

So how is handball played? As with most team sports, it’s made up of two different teams, each with seven players. Six of these players are outfielders, while the seventh is the goalie. Played on a 40m x 20m court, the ultimate aim of handball is to score more goals than the opposing team. Players do this by moving the ball between them with their hands only and dribbling (bouncing) the ball as well.  

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While dribbling is a basketball move, handball shares a lot in common with rugby as well, particularly when it comes to making contact with other players. In handball, players can use force to stop opposing team members from taking the ball, however, this force is only allowed to be made in the front of the body. An attack ends when a player from the opposing team is successful in stopping it.  

Players score by throwing the handball into the net, and generally when they are more focused on offensive playing, rather than defensive playing. Teams usually switch between the two forms of play when scoring goals or defending goals, and the style of play is fast-paced, athletic and intense. With its focus on speed and adrenaline, it can be a hugely exciting game to watch as a spectator – particularly if you’ve placed a bet on it as well.  

Handball betting 

If you’re familiar with basketball betting, handball betting is fairly similar, with three main types of betting for punters:  

  • Match betting: Here you’ll bet on a team to win a specific match. It’s the easiest and therefore most common type of betting in handball. 
  • Handicap betting: In this type of betting, the bookmaker will assign either a positive or negative handicap to a team. At the end of the match, the number of goals is then either added to or subtracted from this handicap in order to find the final score, and payout the bet accordingly. In this way, it’s still possible to win even if the team you’ve bet on loses.  
  • Totals betting. Here you’ll be betting on the number of goals that a team will score, and whether this is above or below the line decided by the bookie at the beginning of a game. You’ll also be able to take part in first half betting, where you’ll have the chance to predict the final score of a match after the first half has come to an end.  

Handball betting tips 

When placing bets on handball one of the most important elements to bear in mind is research. How much do you know about the teams, the players, and their upcoming games? By consulting both offline and online sources, you’ll then be up to date with any injuries that players may have, any key players on certain teams, and any other issues there may be. Make sure you have as much information to hand as possible, in order to increase your chances of placing a successful bet. 

More than this, you’ll also need to look at the various standings and rankings of the teams and their players as well. Statistics are important when placing bets, as are the odds on teams to win matches. Similarly, don’t discount friendly matches between national teams either, as many punters consider these to be prime money-making opportunities.  

A good tip for friendly matches is to bet on the team that’s on the defence, as teams in the lead sometimes let their guard down, allowing the other team to come in and score. If a team’s defense is good when met by the opposing team, they won’t let many goals through, giving them a better chance of winning.  

With a wide variety of betting markets and enthusiastic fans around the world, handball is becoming increasingly popular for those looking for high energy betting. And thanks to events like the World Handball Championships, the European Handball Championships and the Olympics, not to mention the wide range of national and international leagues available, there are plenty of betting opportunities open for willing punters. So if you’re thinking of giving handball a go, brush up on your stats and info, find a good sports betting site, and see how far your knowledge can take you!