How To Bet On Formula 1?

F1 Betting Guide

If you’re thinking of placing your bets on Formula 1, it’s a smart move. With a number of different markets, it’s a lucrative sport to bet on, and one that can be endlessly exciting as well. Take a look at our guide to Formula 1 betting below, and find out everything you need to know about racing off with a win.  

Types of Formula 1 bets  

New to betting on Formula 1? You might find it a little challenging when first starting out, as knowing about Formula 1 racing isn’t quite the same as betting on it. It’s for this reason that first-time punters can become confused when faced with the wide range of odds and betting markets available. What’s needed is a little research – time spent analysing the various options, odds, races and drivers, and using that knowledge to make informed betting decisions. Once you’re more comfortable with all the betting markets, you’ll be able to place the kinds of bets that will have a positive effect on your bankroll.  

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The Formula 1 Driver’s Championship 

It’s the biggest title on the Formula 1 circuit, so it makes sense that it would be the most popular bet too. The betting odds on which driver will take the Driver’s Championship are available all season long, so to make the best decision, you’ll need to pay attention to the rankings throughout. Placing a bet in this market is as simple as choosing the driver who you think will be at the top of the leaderboard by the end of the season. If you’re right, you win – simple as that.  

Formula 1 race winner 

If you’d prefer to bet on an individual race rather than the entire championship, you can bet on a driver to win a particular race instead. Pay attention to race statistics to see who’s most likely to finish on the podium, or who often makes a strong comeback towards the end of a race, and place your bets accordingly. 

Driver vs driver 

A bet that’s becoming increasingly popular, a driver vs driver bet involves you choosing two drivers, and betting on the one you think will be higher on the leaderboard by the end of the season. You can also pick a driver vs driver bet for an individual race as well, choosing which of the two you think will finish ahead of the other by the end.  

Top three finish  

With a top-three finish, you’ll be choosing a driver or drivers who you think will finish in the top three of an individual race. As one of the easier bets, the top three finish bet is common amongst punters and can be found on most betting sites. 

Top tips and strategies  

As we’ve mentioned, it’s important to do your homework before placing any Formula 1 bets, as the more you know, the more you’ll increase your winning chances. This kind of research can include:  

Race previews. You may have formed your own opinion of a race, but it’s important to find out what others think too. Read race previews by the experts and find out what considerations other punters take into account before placing their bets.  

Formula 1 statistics. Every detail of a race, a car or a driver is worth bearing in mind before placing a bet, which is why having a comprehensive knowledge of Formula 1 statistics is so vital. Find out who has the best record, who’s on the best form, and who performs better in certain weather conditions, and you’ll be able to place more informed bets 

The weather. It may seem strange but taking the weather into account can help to place a successful bet. Look at various drivers’ track records under wet or dry conditions, look at the expected weather on race day, and use the information accordingly.  

Remember to also look at other important factors such as lap times, response times, grid positions and drivers’ starts, and you’ll have more than enough information to help you place a successful bet. Once you’re sure of how you’re going to bet, simply choose your bookmaker or online betting site, make your wager, then sit back and watch the action unfold!