PSG vs Marseille Betting Tips

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Neymar’s Current Form After the Transfer Window Issues

The transfer window has been a complete nightmare to Neymar and PSG. The player demonstrated his will to go away several times but crossed a dangerous line and even offended his club by highlighting how happy he was to beat PSG 6-1 back in his Barcelona days.

He was considered a major problem as PSG didn’t simply let him go for a much smaller sum of money than they bought him – they reportedly asked for 300 million EUR and the result was a horrid relationship with the fans during the first rounds. Neymar scored beautiful, unique goals and was still booed which was a very odd situation.

PSG isn’t as old as most big clubs in Europe, but the Brazilian players have always been present since the last century. If you consider the Portuguese speaking community and the beautiful story that Pauleta had in Paris, it’s fair to say the Brazilians and the Portuguese players were among the most relevant ones of PSG before the days of Ibrahimovic.

Neymar however never reached the popularity of Ibra and Pauleta, in fact he united the fan base of PSG around one certainty: Neymar is a spoiled kid who refuses to grow and take life seriously.

His form, however, was fairly decent across the first quarter of the season. Time will tell how his relationship with PSG will evolve, but one thing is certain: no stupid acts will be tolerated, Neymar better behave well if he wants to remain in Paris. That may also involve learning French at once – which is not that hard for a native speaker of Portuguese.

Distinct Situations

OM has surely lived better days – having collected only 13 out of 27 possible points as of the end of round 9, the team from the South is living a much different situation in comparison with the days they had Zidane or Ribery in top form.

PSG has never lived up to their potential, the expensive signings of players such as Ibra, Neymar, Di Maria, Cavani, Buffon, Lucas Moura, Mbappé, Verratti, among several others across the current decade failed to produce an absolute dominance in France, some titles were missed domestically which isn’t quite acceptable considering how they are incredibly richer than any other team after the controversial arrival of Qatari money.

Champions League remains a distant dream

The derby will be played between a PSG that aims to become finally solid enough to dream big in Europe and OM trying to become a major club in France again – the club that had Zidane, Ribery, Barthez and many other big names surely deserves to be a protagonist at least within French football.

Betting Scenario

It is quite obvious how PSG is a favourite here. The club, however, doesn’t win all the matches and in fact, they have been failing to win quite often, although they are the top of the classification table. The market will surely bet on PSG, which means interesting opportunities to speculate and buy OM may be available, especially in the In-running market.

Asian Handicap may be especially interesting, and an ‘Over’ bet in the live betting market in case of an early goal ignites the score might also be interesting as the initial caution of the teams at a derby will be easily abandoned by the team that suffers the first goal which is a well known pattern in live betting.